good2grow® vs. Minute Maid®

good2grow® 100% fruit juices combine nutrition with a variety of spill-proof, character SippaTop™ caps kids can’t resist.

Apple Juice
6oz bottles
Minute Maid®
Coolers Fruit Punch
6.75oz pouches
Minute Maid®
100% Apple Juice
6.75oz boxes
Simple Nutrition -
Only 5 or Fewer Ingredients
Yes X Yes
Pure 100% Juice Yes X Yes
No High Fructose Corn Syrup
or Artifical Sweeteners
Yes X Yes
No Added Sugar or Sweeteners Yes X Yes
No Artificial Flavors,
Colors or Preservatives
Yes Yes Yes
Non-GMO Yes ? ?
Available in Organic Yes X X
Spill-Proof Yes X X
BPA Free Yes ? ?
Earth Friendly Easily
Recyclable Packaging
Yes X X

? Indicates information was not available or unable to be determined by packaging or company website.
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How does good2grow® compare with other brands?

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good2grow® is a family owned and operated company with one focus - healthy juices that combine the nutrition parents want with the taste kids love.

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