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Craft a Thanksgiving Kids Table!

Childhood is all about memories, that’s why we love crafting a custom kids Thanksgiving table that they’ll remember with good2grow Collector Packs from Amazon! We kept it healthy with a freeze-dried fruit as a snack and made the turkey leg placeholder even more fun by putting a prize inside! 

Small jars
Glue and scissors
Large sheet of colored paper (for the table cloth)
Dried fruit
Brown paper bags
White paper
Fall shapes (can be foam, wood or DIY)
Colorful napkins or fabric
Their favorite character on good2grow
Plate with utensils

Now let’s put it all together!

Step 1:

Place the colored paper over the table. ( You can provide crayons as well so they can draw on the paper, too!)

Step 2:
Decorate with the centerpiece of your choice. We picked some cute things up at the craft store!

Step 3:
Make the turkey leg favor! To do this, cut a bone shape out of construction or other white paper and write their name on the end. Foam core works great too, if you want a more sturdy “bone”. Next, fill the bag with surprises and some paper balls if you need to help shape it, and tape or staple to the “bones”. Place on the plate.

Step 4:
Decorate the snack jars. Come up with your own style or wrap a ribbon, secure with tape and glue a fall shape to the front. Fill with a healthy snack like dried fruit.

Step 5:
Napkin utensil holder. You can use cloth napkins, but we like to find fun fabric at the craft store to show more color and style. Just fold and wrap around the utensils. Then wrap the ribbon around it and glue a fall shape to the front to keep it secure.

Step 6:
Add good2grow with their favorite character and call them to gobble!

Please share your creations with us on Instagram with the #good2growfun!