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good2grow Road Trip Bingo

You’re going on a road trip and have to keep the kids occupied in the car for hours. What do you do? Spill-proof treats like good2grow are essential. And because we love making parents’ lives easier, we have made a fun bingo game to download so you can keep them busy for hours trying to get 5 in a row or even fill the page!

There are several ways to play Road Trip Bingo: 

1. Mark each spot after you see it and the first to 5 in a row wins!

2. Try finding as many as you can by seeing who can fill up their spaces faster. The one with the most squares covered wins! This one is great for siblings who like to compete with each other. We’ve even included two variations so they can both have their own!

3. All hands on deck! Work as a family to see if you can complete the whole board.

Make sure to pack prizes so your children are rewarded for their wins!

Ready to play?

Download good2grow’s Road Trip Bingo here.

You can print it or download it on a tablet to be played again and again.