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Leprechaun Looker

Catch a Leprechaun and he will grant you 3 wishes! But how do you know where they are? You need Leprechaun Lookers, of course! But you have to make them yourself, not any pair will do! Find out how you can upcycle good2grow bottles to help your kids make these super-spynoculars (powered by craft magic). It’s a must-have tool for seeking or catching a Leprechaun (or spying spouts)!!


Empty good2grow bottles

Green sparkly spray paint

Green pipe cleaners

Four-leaf clover stickers

Small green pom poms

Green puffy paint

Hot glue gun

Exacto knife


1. Parents start the project by cutting the ends off of the empty bottles.

2. In a well-ventilated area, parents fully cover the bottles with spray paint or let children brush on acrylic paint.

3. Paint cardboard rectangles, let dry and attach the two bottles together.

4. Wrap the pipe cleaners around the rim. Parents help attach with hot glue.

5. Parents can put glue on Pom Poms and give to child to attach.

6. Apply the puffy paint and four leaf clovers.

7. Let dry and send your littles Leprechaun hunting on St. Patricks Day. Pairs well with a LeprechaunTrap!

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