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Lightning McQueen themed Bento Lunch

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All the little ones will want to Ka-CHOW down to this Disney/Pixar’s Lightning McQueen-themed lunch! LunchesforBB made it to the finish line with first place when she crafted this winning kid’s lunch for us.

See how she made it below!


Wheat bread 

Your preferred sandwich filler


Babybel Cheese


Cars Cutters

Food Coloring Markers

Yumbox Bento Box


1.Roll out bread and cut out using Lightning McQueen and Mater cookie cutters. Color the stamp with a red and black edible marker and stamp the sandwich down to create the imprint.

Build your sandwich with fillings of your choice. Place it in the large compartment of your bento box and top it off with a fun race-themed food pick. 

2. With a melon baller, scoop up 2-3 balls of watermelon, cantaloupe and honeydew. Place them in a small compartment. 

3. Grab your choice of apple and slice two pieces from each corner. Using a knife, score lines vertically and horizontally across each other. To make the checkered apple, slice the skin off one square and leave the next unsliced. Repeat on the whole apple slice.

Once finished, place the apples in the other small compartment and top it off with a food pick.

4. Grab a slice of white cheese and cut out a lightning bolt. Place it on top of a Babybel cheese. Grab your finished cheese and place it on top of the treat compartment. 

Finally, cross the finish line with a good2grow Lightning McQueen character top juice and a Cars-themed napkin!

Angie is the cute culinary crafter mom behind Lunches for BB. When her kids began school, she knew she wanted to pack their lunch at home so she made sure they got in all their nutrients and vitamins. Making bento boxes have allowed her fussy eaters to explore and open up more with what they eat. She is so happy to be sharing ideas and helping other parents with their little’s lunches. 

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