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Awesome Kids Picnic Ideas

Looking for a cure for cabin fever? Get them outside for a picnic filled with fun snacks and activities you’ll enjoy, too!

Planning your Picnic.

Think of all of the basic supplies you might need, plus those extra special touches to make it a memorable and unique experience.

Some ideas:

Colorful blanket.

Tee Pee Tent. These are so affordable and useful for backyards, movie nights, and even better…kids love them!

Pillows (Bring some comfiness with you). Their favorite plush are great, too!

Fun and Games. We made this fun Neighborhood Bingo game you can download and print to get them exploring their world. But we also love coloring anything, Mad Libs, Frisbee and Board Games to occupy their time so you can get a nature break, too!

Food and Snacks. We like to keep it light, healthy and easy to eat.
A muffin tray makes a great holder for veggies and dip, plus easy to carry, clean up and is stable in a picnic setting. Plus you gotta have your good2grow for less mess, no-spills and maximum smiles!

Cut sandwiches in bite size pieces to keep it simple so they can sample a variety of food. We go extra on the cute plates to make it even more fun, plus we cannot resist them when we spy them at the store!

Berries and Jam with pretzels are a perfect picnic treat!

We hope you have as much fun as we did with your kiddles on yhour picnic! If you bring good2grow on your picnic, tag us on Instagram for a chance to get shared!