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Yes, good2grow is committed to not using artificial colors in any of our products and the natural color of Strawberry Milk is white.

Please dispose any good2grow beverage 7 days after opening if kept refrigerated and dispose 4 hours after opening if left unrefrigerated.

Please contact our Sales team at sales@good2grow.com.

good2grow has over 200 unique characters for all kids young and old. To view the full good2grow character top collection, sign-up for our Collector’s Club at www.good2collect.com. Signing up is easy (and free) and gives you exclusive access to track your collection, play game, win prizes and more.

Longevity of good2grow tops depend on its cleaning care, frequency of usage and storage conditions. Get in the habit of washing your tops thoroughly and as soon as possible after every use.

Cleaning Tops

Always look inside to inspect the spout for discoloration before giving it to your child. If your tops have been sitting around for a few days with a beverage, it’s best to throw it out.

If your tops have any slimy build-up or have been used with milk, hand wash your tops. Start by removing any residue using a cloth or sponge, warm water, and dish detergent to thoroughly clean the top and remove any visible debris. 

Do NOT use a bottle brush inside the 6oz Juice top or insert any objects into the spout, as it can disrupt your tops spill-proof function.

Do NOT clean character tops with hand sanitizer, alcohol, nail polish remover, or other chemicals as it could cause the paint on the character top to come off.

Steps for Cleaning Tops

  • For the best clean, dishwash your top in the top rack of the dishwasher under your normal washing setting and preferred dishwasher detergent. 
    1. 6oz Juice spouts can be placed into top rack of dishwasher
    2. 8oz Milk spouts you need to pull open the push/pull top before putting in dishwasher10oz
    3. PODZ tops should not be put in the dishwasher (skip to sanitizing).
  • After dishwashing or hand washing your tops, follow up by sanitizing your tops.  See options below

Sanitizing options

  • Most reliable method: Sanitize good2grow tops with chlorine bleach:
    • Prepare a mild bleach /water solution (1 teaspoon of household bleach to 1/2 gallon of water) in a clean sink.
    • Soak topper for 2 minutes.
    • Rinse the topper until the odor of bleach is gone completely.
    • Let the top air dry completely, with the openings face down to allow any water droplets to run out. Avoid allowing water to pool in your top. Allow top to fully dry before using again.
  • Non-Bleach method: Sanitize good2grow tops with vinegar or lemon juice:
    • Soak top for 1 minute in white distilled vinegar or lemon juice.
    • Rinse the top until the odor of white distilled vinegar or lemon juice is gone completely.
    • Let the top air dry completely, with the openings face down to allow any water droplets to run out. Avoid allowing water to pool in your top. Allow top to fully dry before using again.

*do not mix solutions together

Cleaning Bottles

Hand wash your bottles using warm soap and water

We team up with the hottest names in children’s entertainment to create the coolest character tops out there. We have just what kids want to play with, and we’re constantly adding more. We have characters from Disney, Universal Studios, Nickelodeon, Warner Bros. and so many more.

good2grow juice and water products can be found at select retailers throughout the USA. Use our store locator to find a retailer near you: http://www.good2grow.com/store-locator
Can’t find good2grow at a store near you? Check out our different products available on Amazon.

Each character is uniquely rare and falls into one of three categories on our rarity scale:
Common: these characters are the most popular tops and typically easier to find
Lucky: these characters are harder to find and usually appear in our 3-Packs
Special Edition: these characters are the rarest off all and the most unique – look for these tops in our 3- and 5-Packs
To see where your favorite character is on our rarity scale, join our Collectors Club at www.good2collect.com.

All good2grow® Character Tops are produced to international safety standards, including American Standards for Testing Materials (ASTM) and Consumers Protection Safety Commission (CPSC). All of our standards are accredidated by 3rd party laboratories.

Yes. All good2grow juice and water and milk products are pasteurized to eliminate harmful microorganisms that could cause spoilage or illness.

Our innovative multilayer bottle is uniquely designed to block out oxygen and sunlight to ensure ultimate freshness. We have a rigorous quality management and inspection processes through which we examine all bottles after production to ensure they are airtight; however, seals can be damaged during transportation, at the retail shelf, or even in the home, allowing the juice to be exposed to air. With any food or beverage product that is all natural and preservative-free, there is a possibility of spoilage, such as fermentation or mold, if the package is compromised and any amount of air gets into the package. We encourage you to inspect the product for damage, leaks, or any other abnormalities before giving it to your child and discard accordingly.

Please dispose 7 days after opening if kept refrigerated and 4 hours after opening if left unrefrigerated.

For any product quality concerns, please contact good2grow’s quality team at (877) 875-8443.

good2grow® combines comprehensive external and internal testing to help verify that our juices meet or exceed all regulatory requirements.

We use accredited 3rd party laboratories to periodically test ingredients, packaging components, and finished products. We require every lot of juice to be tested for key indicators of safety and quality—such as bacteria, mold, yeast, and sensory attributes before being released for sale.

good2grow® plastic bottles can be recycled. However, we ask that you remove the character top from the bottle before recycling the bottle and collect the tops for later use.

Yes. All good2grow® bottles and Character Tops are BPA-free.

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