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Baby Shark Easter Eggs

Dooo doo you want an eggcellent way to make Easter even more fun? Paint Baby Shark-themed eggs to delight your littles!

These do take a little bit of detail and skill, but with the right brushes and paint, they can be simple enough to make you feel like a master! And then, voila, the entire Baby Shark family is smiling back from the basket.

See how we did it below.


acrylic paint (yellow, green, blue, pink, orange, black,red and white)

construction paper (yellow, green, blue, pink, orange, black, red and white)

fine tip angled brush

sponge brush



spatula brushes


Start by cooking all your eggs and letting them sit in cold water for 5 minutes.

Once your eggs have cooled, it is time to draw the spaces where you will paint.
You’ll need to look up some images of the Baby Shark family to use as a reference.

1. Draw a line to represent where the color of the character’s body will be, the egg color will be the white.
To color Baby Shark, we drew the guide for where we would paint yellow.

2. Using the sponge brush paint the top half of the egg with a sponge brush, this make 2-3 coats of paint. Use the fine tipped brush to get more precise along the line you drew.

3. After letting the base dry, start making a half-circle in red on the front to create the shape of the mouth. Apply 3-4 layers for the mouth, and allow dry time between each layer.

4. Next are the teeth, this is a tricky part. Using a fine tip angled brush create small triangles. Outline the teeth and then fill them in. Apply 2 coats and allow time to dry between each.

5. When doing the white of the eyes, use a softer spatula brush and push down to create a circle. Apply the circle 2 times. You can also draw circles and color in with the fine tipped brush.

6. Next, you are going to place a black circle on top of the white circle. Using the same soft spatula brush create a smaller circle on top.

7. For Grandpa Shark you’ll need to add a mustache and then Grandma Shark will need glasses. It helps to draw the mustache first.

8. Finally, using matching construction paper, draw the top fin and the side fins, cut them out and attach to the top and sides of the eggs using glue.

9. Voila! The entire Baby Shark Family is ready for their big day!

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