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Baby Shark Trunk-or-Treat

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Do do doo you wanna see the cutest Baby Shark-themed trunk-or-treat idea? 

Mom of 3, found a cute kit online and worked her magic for us to whip up a simple and cute idea the kids will love. Using good2grow featuring Baby Shark, she added a ring toss game that included them as prizes- win that is sure to make parents and kids happy.

Dive into how to build it below!



Baby Shark Trunk-or-Treat Kit

Baby Shark Costumes

Bubble Machine


Smaller prizes

Bean bag game


1. Attach the backdrop to your trunk; Sheena used magnets to secure it to the car.

2. Add the blue balloons and streamers for that ocean vibe.

4. Set up a game like a bean bag toss, a prize fishing game with a rod and reel or even a ring toss challenge with Baby Shark on good2grow as the ultimate prize!

5. Grab some matching gear for you and your littles to complete the theme, turn on a bubble machine and you are ready to wow the neighborhood with your awesome trunk-or-treat under the sea!