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Bento School Lunch Ideas

Scrambling for school lunch ideas? Laura Fuentes of Momables is here to help! She’s cooked up some healthy bento ideas with good2grow that even the pickiest of eaters will like!

For the kid who hates crusts:

This healthy bento turns a sandwich into crustlss sushi-like pieces that kids love to devour by simply removing the crusts, flattening out the bread, placing the ham on top, rolling it, and slicing it up.

In addition, fresh fruit and veggies fill their bellies and provide added fiber and nutrition.

For the kids who needs extra protein:

For many of us, getting out youngest kiddos to eat protein can be challenge when away from home and this bento makes it more fun for them!

Roll up some turkey, place a few cheese cubes, dice up a hard-boiled egg for nourishment.

To this bento i added some whole-grain crackers and fresh fruit.

For the kid who loves to snack:

If you have a child that loves to graze the pantry and is always asking for a snack, this bento box is for them.

It’s filled with nutritious veggies, fresh fruit, a hard-boiled egg for protein and oatmeal snack bites.

If you’re thinking that your kiddo doesn’t eat carrots or red peppers, as shown above, simply swap for any colorful fruit or veggie you have on hand.

For the kid who loves dinner:

Turn pasta leftover from dinner into another meal by adding some frozen peas, or any other veggie, drizzle a little olive oil and combining it well. For added protein, you can dice up some ham or turkey.

A compartmentalized container is always a great idea because it separates food, and it allows our kiddos to enjoy the fruit at snack time and the pasta at lunch!

For the kid that loves to dip:

Delicious dips, like hummus are great to send along with freshly cut veggies because it makes eating them more interactive and fun!

To add more substance tp this bento, I also added some oatmeal snack bites since they’re easy to make ahead and they last up to a week in the fridge.

Pairing each of these lunch ideas with an awesome good2grow juice with your favorite characters. There are 100s to choose from and a character for everyone!

Laura has put together an awesome video on how to make packing easier; including tips to use leftovers, how to mix-and-match nutritious ingredients, and make the oatmeal bites.

Laura Fuentes is here to help you put meals on the table, reduce processed foods and sugars from your family’s diet, and help with your picky eaters.

Since 2011 MOMables has helped more than 2 million parents end their mealtime struggles with fresh recipes, and simple weekly meal plans.