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Bluey Stocking Craft

Ho! Ho! Ho! It’s holidays with the Heelers when you craft the cutest Bluey stocking with your kiddos!
We swiped the template from the website and put our best-crafting paws on to make this fun DIY to match Bluey on good2grow.

Our kids loved it so much, they asked to make more of them for their friends as gifts. How can we say no? Bluey brings us all together.

Grab the template with all of the directions below to make your own.


Colored Felt

Blue Ribbon

Quick Drying Glue

Black Marker


Bluey Stocking Template

Using the Bluey Stocking Template trace and cut out all of your pieces and use the last page of the template to create your stocking.

After letting it dry, it’s time to hang your stocking and fill it with all the Bluey goodies, including your kid’s favorite juice!

Be sure to tag us in your stocking creations on Instagram and have a Blue Christmas!

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