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Colorful Kids Bento Lunch Ideas

Let your littles eat the rainbow with these fun and colorful bento kids lunch ideas by kid culinary creative genius @lunchesforbb! Using her Yumbox Bentos, she packed a mix of healthy eats and fun plus a good2grow to match each color.

Take a scroll below to get inspo for your own and see how she built her boxes!

Red theme with Marvel’s Spider-Man

❤️ Pizza bagel

❤️ Watermelon and strawberries

❤️ Apples and raspberries

❤️ Twizzler candy

Yellow theme with Baby Shark

💛 Scrambled eggs

💛 Popcorn

💛 Pineapple and golden kiwi

💛 Banana slices

💛 Laffy taffy candy

Green theme with Mike from Disney/Pixars Monsters Inc.

💚 Veggie spinach wrap

💚 Kiwi and grapes

💚 Apples and cucumber

💚 Broccoli and pistachios

💚 Celery sticks

💚 Mint candies

Purple theme with Tylor from Disney/Pixars Monsters Inc.

💜 Butter garlic pasta, colored purple

💜 Blackberries and plum

💜 Ice cream mochi

💜 Grape candy

Blue theme with Catboy from PJ Masks

💙 Waffles

💙 Captain crunch blue syrup

💙 Blueberries

💙 Blue takis

💙 Chocolate kisses

Angie is the cute culinary crafter mom behind Lunches for BB. When her kids began school, she knew she wanted to pack their lunch at home so she made sure they got in all their nutrients and vitamins. Making bento boxes have allowed her fussy eaters to explore and open up more with what they eat. She is so happy to be sharing ideas and helping other parents with their little’s lunches.