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Colorful Kids Party Idea

Kid party queen Jessica Grant created a bright & fun kids’ birthday party with good2grow to give you some inspo for celebrating your kiddo’s big day!

This whimsical birthday party is filled with cute and colorful decor and a mix of playful patterns and textures. She aimed to make the party space a celebration from floor to ceiling!

Check out how she styled different areas to create the happiest birthday celebration:  

Party Decor:

For kid’s parties, Jessica lowered the table and surrounded it with colorful pillow seating to make extra room for lots of friends. She used a variety of bright and bold pillow covers to match the party decor.

The table was covered with white kraft paper and a colorful striped runner. A rainbow of plates brought pops of bright colors to the tablescape. Each setting featured a good2grow juice; kids could choose their own favorite character! An extra fun detail is the miniature paper party hats set on top of each spout. Party hats and blowers were scattered across the table.

A whimsical over-the-table arrangement features party fans, honeycomb shapes, and steamers; various textures and patterns create a bold visual anchor. Additionally she hung decorations from the room’s ceiling fan and curtain rods.

Jessica added a secondary place aside from the main table to give a place for additional party items. Keeping the party’s colors in mind even turns the craft, snacks, and goody bags into decor on this smaller table. She decorated this area with a brightly colored party arch, birthday banner and a small arrangement of party fans and honeycombs.


The birthday cake is a simple white frosted cake that she covered with sprinkles and topped with colorful candles. Cute paper cups are filled with popcorn and mixed fruit. Each setting has a good2grow juice to enjoy!


Magical shaker wands are a fun and easy party craft to make. Kids can fill a plastic ornament with various fillers like pom poms, large sequins, and confetti. An adult can help assemble the wand by replacing the ornament’s top and inserting a 12″ wooden dowel. Secure the wand with a drop of hot glue. Kids can then choose colorful ribbons to tie onto their wand. They are so fun for dancing and pretend play!

Goody Bags

Jessica added good2grow as a take-home treat; we love how she had the toppers adorably peeking out from the boxes. Kids can choose their favorite good2grow drink along with various favors like squishy balls, play dough, and a bubble necklace.

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