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DIY Bottle Bird Feeder

Tweet tweet, your littles will love feeding their feathered friends with cool and crafty DIY bird feeders they make from their good2grow bottles. Upcycling the top and the bottle is a fun way to introduce them into the idea of reusable crafting. PODZ and spouts are both great options for your hungry birds!


Small plates with a lip


good2grow bottles and tops

nut butter


hot glue gun


Start by washing your good2grow bottle and let it dry.

Next, you will want to make a hole for the birdseed to fall through to dispense into the plate. Children should not perform this step; it is for adults only. Cut off the bottom of the bottle and make two half circles up the side of the bottle, as shown below.

After cutting, cover the bottles with nut butter, excluding the threads of the bottle.

Now it’s time to roll the bottles in birdseed, covering up all the nut butter.

Once the bottles are coated, glue them to the middle of the plate using a hot glue gun.

Next, you’ll want to prepare them for hanging. Tie the three equal-length pieces of string together in a knot and glue them to the bottom of the plate and the three corners of the plate. Note, some birdseed could fall off in this step, so do it over a trash can or outdoors.

Return the plate upright and fill the bird to the top of the bottles and let it fill the plate below.

Finally, they can add their favorite good2grow characters to personalize the craft.

Your bird feeder is ready to hang and watch as the birds enjoy it for hours. We cant wait to see what you create! Be sure to tag us on Instagram.