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DIY Decoupage good2grow Bottle Vases

We’re always looking for ways to upcycle. Turning what might be trash into something to treasure, just feels good. That’s why we love this so colorful craft, turning good2grow bottles into bright sunny flower vases. Using the technique of decoupage, and the simple skills of cutting and pasting, this is a family friendly craft, where kids of all ages can show their skills and get beautiful results. 

We love the idea of doing this craft with your little gardner as a fun “wow” way to display the results of their green thumb. It’s also a great activity to do post-farmers market to showcase the flowers you picked up. But please, don’t let us stop you, flowers are great in any occasion, however you get them (who doesn’t love a dandelion bouquet?), and this craft is always fun.

And while we’re billing this up as a warm weather activity, this easily translates to a great indoor activity too. Some newspaper or an old tablecloth is all you need for mess-protection and sticky hands is the greatest casualty. Plus who doesn’t need a bright and sunny craft on a indoor kind of day? 

Here’s what you need:

Empty, clean and dry good2grow bottles (click here to buy now on Amazon).

Spray paint

Foam paint brushes

Floral wrapping paper


Decoupage craft glue


Step 1:

Carefully spray the empty good2grow bottle with spray paint. Let sit to dry.

Step 2:

As you’re waiting for the bottle to dry, you can get the pieces you want to decoupage ready. We used floral wrapping paper, cutting out the flowers and leaves precisely for a more exact look. This is a great option for older kids. For the younger ones, you can easily tear the paper to get the shapes you want. Also feel free to sub out the wrapping paper for any other fun print paper you like.

Step 3:

After you have your paper pieces ready and your bottle is dry, it’s time to decoupage!

To start, brush a layer of glue onto the vase where you want to place the flower. Or if it’s easier, brush glue onto the back of the cut paper pieces before placing them on the vase. When applying them to the vase surface, make sure to brush out or flatten any bubbles beneath each piece of paper so that it lays flat.

Step 4:

Continue pasting on paper pieces and let dry. Once the vase is dry, brush a coat of glue across the entire item to seal in the different pieces. Then let dry again.

Step 5:

Grab your flowers and enjoy your beautiful vase!