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Easy DIY Minions Party Activity Bags

Putting together a great, easy party treat is a breeze with this simple party DIY craft. Perfect for birthday parties and themed parties, this jam-packed party activity bag makes a big impact and comes together with a few simple supplies that you probably already have on-hand.

Just ask Bob, it’s the perfect way to show-off the fun and get the party started!

What You Need:

Paper Lunch Bags

Colored/Patterned Tissue Paper 

Party Bag Activity Sheet


Glue Stick



Additional treats and surprises for the bag, like fruit snacks, small toys, stickers, etc.

*Add in a good2grow juice featuring their favorite Minions character for an extra treat they’re sure to love (click here to buy now on Amazon).


Step 1:

Print out copies of the Party Activity Sheet (click here to download). Cut out, along the black border to ensure it’s the size of the paper lunch bag. 

Step 2:

To ensure that the good2grow bottles peek out, you have to trim the bag. Take each lunch bag and measure from the bottom, 4.5 inches up. Make a pencil mark on each side, and use this mark to help you cut each bag to the same 4.5 inch height. Repeat with each bag.

Step 3: 

Glue the Party Activity Sheet onto the front of each bag with a glue stick.

Step 4:

When glue is dry, pop open bags. To each bag add tissue paper, treats and finally a good2grow Minions Juice Bottle. 

And so in a few easy steps, a fun, activity-filled party bag can make a crazy appearance at your next get-together!