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What does good2grow® do to ensure their beverages and snacks stay fresh?

Our innovative multilayer bottles and cups are uniquely designed to block out oxygen and sunlight to ensure ultimate freshness. We have a rigorous quality management and inspection processes through which we examine all bottles after production to ensure they are airtight; however, seals can be damaged during transportation, at the retail shelf, or even in the home, allowing the juice to be exposed to air. With any food or beverage product that there is a possibility of spoilage, such as fermentation or mold, if the package is compromised and any amount of air gets into the package. We encourage you to inspect the product for damage, leaks, or any other abnormalities before giving it to your child and discard accordingly.

Please dispose 7 days after opening if kept refrigerated and 4 hours after opening if left unrefrigerated.

For any product quality concerns, please contact good2grow’s quality team at (877) 875-8443.