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good2grow Character Top Turkeys

We upcycled our My Little Pony tops for these terrifically cute turkeys made from pinecones. Let your kids choose their favorites to make their own little gobblers, too!



good2grow spouts

Colorful Feathers 

Glue Gun 

Glitter Spray Paint

Construction Paper 

1. Start by spray painting the pinecones. Keep in mind, this may take 2 to 3 coats. 

2. Once the glitter has dried you are ready to attach your tops. Fill the center of the top with hot glue. Place on the top of the pinecone. Let dry. 

3. Cut a small triangle out of the construction paper. Spread hot glue on the paper and attach your feathers. 

4. Glue the triangle to the pinecone with hot glue. 

5. Cut a strip of construction paper.

6. Draw Turkey feet on construction and cut out. 

7. Glue the feet and circle together.

8.Glue the circle to the bottom of the turkey to create a base. 

9. Enjoy your Character Top Turkeys all Thanksgiving long!