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good2grow Glitter Vase

Could glitter be the cure for the winter blues? We crafted these ultra-sparkly vases with our used good2grow bottles, added some flowers and they made us super happy. I think we may be onto something! Try it for yourself!


good2grow bottles, cleaned with no label


White paint


Fabric scraps

Hot glue gun

Spray lacquer


1. First, we painted the bottles and coated with glitter while still wet and let dry.

2. When that was dry, we stepped outside and sprayed the bottles with lacquer to seal the deal, letting them sit on the porch while they dried. After about 10 minutes, we took them in and let them dry more inside, in a room away from us so we didn’t breathe any fumes.

3. Next, we cut some felt into a small strip to cover the lip of the bottle and hot glued it on.

4. Finally, we added the flowers for a colorful winter theme and now we feel shiny and happy!