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good2grow Halloween Party Tray

Scare up the best kids party with this monstrously cute Halloween Party Tray and good2grow! These healthy Halloween snacks are a feast for the EYES you can feel good about.

It ALL starts with edible eyeballs of all sizes. See what we did with ours below!

Eyeballs on a log! Almond butter, celery, lots of crunch, lots of staring!

Hairy Monster Eyes: By creating a circle around the center of the kiwi and slightly peeling the top of the kiwi and adding your candy eyeball, you can create a terrifying (and tasty) one eyed monster!

Peeking Peppers: These lil fellas are the funniest when you mix up the eye sizes.

Pumpkins and Ghosts: Mandarins and with a celery stem and hand dawn faces on cheese sticks are so easy and so cute!

We hope you have a spooktacular time making these fun kid snacks. Tag us on Instagram if you include good2grow on Halloween!