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good2grow Light Up Ornament

Add some character to your Christmas tree when you transform your spouts into festive and fun ornaments with this easy DIY craft they’ll love! Perfect for a mini-tree just for them!


Spouts tops

Velcro dots

Colored tea lights


Glue Gun


1. Place a velcro dot onto to the bottom of the spouts top.

2. Place a dot on the bottom of the tea-light.

3. Cut a piece of ribbon and glue one side to the side of the top.

4. Glue the ribbon to the other side of the top to create a loop to hang from the tree.

5. Turn on the tea-light and hang it on your tree!

Once your ornaments are ready to go, make sure you take a picture and tag us on Instagram @good2growdrinks so we can see your creations!