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good2grow Reward Chart

Keeping kids focused and on task can be a challenge. That’s why we made it into a game!  Our custom good2grow reward chart will make every day learning fun and motivate them to make it to the finish as they move along with their favorite character top to reach the good2grow treehouse!

Download good2grow Reward Chart here

To start, have your child pick out their favorite good2grow character spout.  The spout will be their game piece for the week.  Each day your child will have 2 sets of tasks to complete and they will move forward on the chart as they complete their days worth of tasks for a small reward like a stamp or a sticker.

They must complete tasks in the morning and evening in order to move forward on the game board. Once your child has made it to the good2grow Treehouse and completed all of the tasks you have assigned for the week, they get a reward!

Here are some examples of tasks:

  1. Getting ready for school
  2. Getting school area and supplies ready 
  3. Make sure you are on mute unless asked a question 
  4. Follow the teachers instructions
  5. Use the restroom before class starts
  6. No eating during class time 
  7. Do all your homework 
  8. Complete all your chores
  9. Wear your mask
  10. Help with the dishes

The above examples will hopefully provide you with a great start. You’ll want to mix and match tasks that work best for your family.

Below we have included some of our favorite rewards to choose from, but feel free choose your own.

  1. Get to stay up one hour later.
  2. Pick the tv show to watch before bed 
  3. 30 minutes extra of tv or game time
  4. Have the dessert of their choosing
  5. One day off of chores
  6. Their favorite character on good2grow! 🙂

We hope your kids enjoy this fun take on a reward chart. Snap a pic and tag us on Facebook or Instagram of your good2grow Reward Chart and game piece for a chance to be featured!