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good2grow Snack Stadium

Welcome to Snack Stadium! Fans of all ages will love going head to head with their favorite party food and good2grow as the star players for your Super Bowl Party.

This monstrously cool treat station may seem like little bit of work, but it is made with easy-to-find materials and we’ve provide detailed instructions that makes assembly simple. It’s a guaranteed touchdown with party guests!

Ready to score big with the kids on game day? Let’s get started:

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white tape

dowel rods or straws

3 20×30 foam core white

1 20×30 foam core green

spray adhesive

hot glue

glue gun

number stickers

box cutter


awesome snacks

Step 1: Take time to print out the measurements for your field and the decorations.

Step 2: Start by measuring all your pieces. Once you have the measurement with the help of an adult, use a box cutter to cut each piece. Refer the the assemble pdf for sizes.

Step 3: Lay the green foam core down and glue Item 1 (Stadium Slant Supports) to each corner with the 4-inch side on the foam core.

Step 4: Glue Item 2 onto the back of Item 1 to create the outer walls of the stadium. These will be glued at a slant. You might need an extra set of hands for this step.

Step 5: Next, glue Item 3(sidelines) onto the 2 longer sides of the field.

Step 6: Place each of Item 4 (exterior corner walls) into the corners of the stadium, pointy end down.

Step 7: Glue Item 5 into place which will make up your exterior end zone walls. These will be placed at a slant like Item 2.

Step 8: It’s time to glue on Item 6. There are 2. These will make up your interior end zone walls.

Step 9: It’s time to decorate your stadium. Using spray adhesive place each of the printouts available to decorate your arena or get creative and create your own.

Step 10: To create the lines on the field measure halfway down the field, this will be your 50-yard line. Next measure half on both sides of the 50 these will be your 25-yard lines.

Step 11: To create the smaller tick marks on the field using a ruler measure half an inch between each mark.

Step 12: Using a smaller white tape, we used a white-out pen to create the smaller yard lines.

Step 13: Place your numbered stickers onto the field at the 50 and 25 marks.

Step 14: Next make your goal post. We used dowel rods, but you can also use straws. Cut a straw in half and that is the base to go into the board. Next cut 2 inches off a straw and these will make up the U of the goal post. Glue all these pieces together.

Step 15: Time to add all your yummy food. We used a variety of subs, veggie straws, tortilla chips, carrots and celery, mixed berries, and Rice Krispie treats. Feel to add your own spin and add your kiddo’s favorite treats.

Finally, time for the head-to-head match, pick their favorite good2grow characters and place them on the field for the win!

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