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good2grow Valentine’s Day Gift Idea

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Nothing says “I heart you” more than a Valentine’s Day gift box curated just for them. We asked DIY mom, My Four Wonders, to put together a unique gift idea with good2grow to give our fans a little inspiration for Valentine’s Day or anytime you want to let someone feel special and loved.

Gathering her girls, they chose to make the cutest Sweetheart Boxes for their friends and neighbors as a Valentine’s Day surprise. Stuffing it with fun little gifts and good2grow with their favorite characters, they finished these special heart-shaped boxes by adding decorative ribbons. Not only did they make memories, but they also got all the good feels from showing their friends how much they were appreciated.

See how they put it together below.

They got it started by filling the heart with decorative grass.

Next, they added good2grow with characters they thought their friends would love the most.
Disney Frozen’s Elsa and Disney’s Minnie Mouse (all pink) were a few of the top picks.

They picked out these heart-shaped bead crafts and other cute trinkets as even more sweet surprises for the Valentine’s Gift Box.

They looked so cute in the boxes!

Finally, they added cute ribbons and the hearts were sealed were ready to deliver.
Also a great excuse for a playdate!

Be sure to share your Valentine’s Gift boxes with good2grow with us on Instagram.

Deb with MyFourWonders is a mother of 4 and all about DIY, seasonal decor, motherhood and finding your favorite things.

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