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Graveyard Dirt Cups

good2grow Snackers are a scream for Halloween when you transform them into a creepy graveyard dirt cup! Your kids will really dig opening their favorite character lid for a spooky (but tasty) Halloween treat.

It’s scary simple and can be pre-made for a party, a food craft your littles assemble themselves or just for fun!

Snackers are available at Giant Carlisle, Meijer, Stop & Shop, and select Caseys and Walmarts.


good2grow Snackers


gummy worms

skull candies

candy tomb stones

any other spooky topping your kids like


1. Start by crushing your Snackers to make the “dirt” for your cups. Tossing into a ziplock bag and using a mug or other solid object makes it easy.

2. Fill your Snackers cup up with your pudding of choice. You can also layer the Snackers and pudding to give more texture to the treat. Combine with other crushed cookies if you need more to fill the cup at the bottom.

3. Add a layer of crumbled Snackers to the top to make your dirt layer.

4. Time to assemble your spooky graveyard! Add gummy worms, can bones, cookie gravestones or any other fun toppings and creepy decorations your littles would love. Having them help or build their own is also fun!

Finally, the monstrously cute snacks are ready to enjoy. You can leave them open or close the lid so kids get a spooky surprise with their favorite character as a Halloween treat. Happy haunting!