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Jeweled PODZ Ornaments

If sparkles are their thing, you’ll love crafting these dazzling and cute PODZ ornaments with your tween!


PODZ tops

Glitter spray paint


Pretty .5 inch wide ribbon

Painters tape

Small decorative jewels

Embellishing Glue

Glue Gun


1. Place a strip of painters tape over the face of the PODZ.

2. In a well-ventilated area, spraypaint the rest of the PODZ. Let dry.

3. Once dry, peel the tape off.

4. Now it’s time to add the jewels! Decide what colors you want to use and start in the front. Add embellishing glue to the area you want the gems and place the gems on the PODZ in a design of your choosing. Tweezers can be helpful to get the jewels in the correct position. Glue will dry clear. Work your way from front sides to the back. You can go all the way around the PODZ or just to the sides.

5. Cut ribbon and glue it around the bottom of the PODZ.

6. Cut matching ribbon 6.5 inches long and loop so the cut ends meet. Glue the ribbon together, but not all the way to the end. This is for hanging it on your tree.

7. Hot glue ribbon to the top of the PODZ. Glue the ends of the ribbon and the center to secure.

8. Hang your sparkly creations for everyone to see!