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Jurassic World Dino Dig Sensory Activity

What happens when you combine dinosaurs, a bin with sand and little hands? You get a sensory activity and learning tool they will totally dig. Plus it keeps them entertained for hours!

Outside or inside, your little explorers will love brushing off old bones to finding sparkling geodes, little dino toys and other teasures! We like to add in good2grow with the Jurassic World tops, in case our little paleontologists get thirsty on their dig!


Plastic bin


Plastic dinosaurs

Rocks and geodes

Dinosaur bones

Magnifying glass

Small paint brush

Wooden chisel

Other treasures you think would be fun

How to make:

1. Fill your large or small bin with sand. Or just head to your sandbox if you have one!

2. Bury your fossils, toys and treasures in the sand. You can even make a special one harder to find!

3. Have dig for the items and make a checklist of what they find to learn the names of the types of dinosaurs or identify the fossils and rocks.

4. DINOSAUR FIGHT! (Because- why not?!)

We hope you have as much fun as we did with this Dinosaur Sensory Activity! Look for Jurassic World tops on single serves and in 3 Packs at your favorite good2grow retailer.

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