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Let’s Make Pup Pops!

Turn your good2grow tops into “Pup Pops” and make fun, fruity organic popsicles with good2grow 75% Less Sugar juice and your extra PAW Patrol tops!


good2grow 75% Less Juice

good2grow PAW Patrol spouts tops

3oz Paper Cups

Plastic Straws


Glue Gun

Fresh Strawberries (or other fruit)


Step 1:
Cut plastic straws into 4.5-inch pieces and hot glue them into the spout stem of the top to make the pop holder. Make sure you glue only the tip and wipe off any excess glue that gets on the lid. Pull to test and make sure it is secure. Do not push the straw too far in, you do not want it to dislodge the valve.

Step 2:
Chop up strawberries (or your fave fruit) and put them in a 3oz paper cup. Pour in the good2grow juice until almost full. 

Step 3:
Put the “Pup Holder” in the cup so the straw goes into the juice and place on a plate or tray then put in the freezer. Freeze overnight.

Step 4:
Remove the pops and let sit at room temperature for a few minutes and peel the cup off for a yummy summer treat!

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