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Mickey Mouse Party Idea

If you’re like us, you LOVE Disney and that means Disney’s Mickey Mouse and Minnie Mouse are a most wanted party theme for your family! This idea works great for a birthday or even themed playdate! And with good2grow Party Packs featuring Mickey Mouse and Minnie Mouse available in our Amazon Store, that’s even more reason to celebrate!

Let’s Decorate!

Of course, we knew that yellow, black and red would be the iconic colors for our party. So, we chose a red table cloth and matching balloons with plush we already had from our theme park visits. We found the fence and sky backdrop and added lights for a fun, backyard vibe then complemented with plants. The yellow goody bags really accented the colors, so we matched some plates to those as well and even made our own mouse ears for the kids! 

Let’s Eat!

Since we set this party up for a playdate, we chose healthy snacks in colorful cups the kids could grab and go with as they played. It was so easy to cut fruit and use mixed nuts (as long as kids don’t have allergies). Hummus is always a hit with kids and parents, so that was a great, simple go-to for the final tray. As usual, us parents snacked and chatted while the kids nabbed a good2grow and ran outside to play. 

We’d love to see your ideas for a Disney’s Mickey Mouse themed party or playdate! Tag us on Instagram with yours!

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