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Minions Lunch Idea

Make learning fun with a #Minions lunchtime treat! Whether your family is at home or at school this year, this @lunchboxdad Minions meal will be a great pair with good2grow Minions Collectors Packs, found exclusively on Amazon! ⁣

This lunch includes banana Minions and a “G” logo piece of cheese that can go inside of the teddy bear sandwich.

Ingredients and Supplies:


Candy Eyes

Yellow Cheddar Cheese Slice

White Cheese Slice

End piece of bread

Pepperoni Slice

Seaweed Snack Sheet

Black Olive or Black Jellybean

Circle Cutters

Playdough or colored fondant

Black Marker

How to Make:

  1. With medium and small circle cutters, cut the shape for the bear’s head and ears from the end piece of bread. You’ll need 2 medium-sized circles for the head and 4 small ones for the eyes and ears.
  2. Use the medium circle cutter to cut 2 circles from the Yellow cheddar. Assemble one of them in the bear sandwich. Cut 2 small slit shapes from om the bread for the eyes, and place on top of 2 the small circle shapes with the light side of the bread facing up to complete they eyes.
  3. Cut a small piece of pepperoni (tomato works too!) for the tongue.
  4. Cut a nose shape out of the black olive or a black jellybean for the nose.
  5. For the cheese emblem, use the Yellow Cheddar circle as the base and add a circle cut from the seaweed snack for the next layer.
  6. To make the “G”, add a square of white cheese and cut another shape out of seaweed to form the inside of the “G” and add a slit of cheese to finish the emblem.
  7. For the Minion, bananas, cut the bananas a little more than half. For the goggles and uniform, you can use blue playdough, just don’t let them eat it. 🙂 Fondant works great, too if you are feeling adventurous.
  8. For the eyes, candy shape eyes are easy to find and great to have on hand for fun lunches! Place them on top of the black of the goggles.
  9. Finish them up by drawing their hairlines with a non-toxic black marker and pair with Minions on good2grow!

Love this treat? Make it for your littles and tag @good2growdrinks and @lunchboxdad on Instagram so we can see your masterpiece!