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My Little Pony Lunch Idea

Lunches are magic with @lunchboxdad! He used his special lunch dad powers to craft this colorful Rainbow Dash lunch to go with our My Little Pony Character Pack, found exclusively on Amazon! 



Nut Butter or Sun Butter

Cream Cheese

Blue Food Coloring

White Cheese





Crushed Colorful Cereal


Mini Marshmallows

Sour Gummy Belt

How to make:

1. Cut the bread to shape 2 ears and her head (Scissors work great!)
2. Mix cream cheese in a small bowl with blue food coloring until you get the desired color.
3. Spread the cream cheese over the bread to color the face.
4. Cut white cheese to shape the eye. Next, cut the skin of a radish for the pupil, black olive for the eye, and more cheese for the highlights.
5. Make the mouth and nose by carving into the cream cheese with a toothpick and adding a sliver of cheese for the mouth.
6. Cut slivers of red, yellow, and orange peppers for the mane.
7. Accent with cucumbers and blueberries
8. Next, the rainbow balls! Cover grapes in cream cheese with crushed colorful cereal on top. (These are SO yummy and fun!)
9. Finish it off with a dessert of sour rainbow gummy belt and mini marshmallows. 

We love everything rainbow, so this fun lunch is at the top of our cheerful lunch list! Make it for your littles and tag @good2growdrinks and @lunchboxdad on Instagram so we can see your masterpiece!