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Olympics Party Idea

You’ll win the cool parent competition with this epic Olympics Watch Party Idea! The decorations and food were shockingly easy to make and we’ve even included fun print and cut medals for their good2grow bottles. See how we put it all together and then it’s your turn to go for the gold! Let the games begin!

How did we do it?

For the decorations, we started with creating the perfect backdrop using the olympic rings. All you need is 5 foam rings and ribbon, duct tape will work too. Start by wrapping each of the foam rings with the 5 different colors. Finally connect the rings with fishing line.

You cant have the olympics without the torches! We used cardboard trees from the craft store and painted them with gold spray paint and covered the tops with tissue paper to create a fire effect. Neat, huh?!

Finally, Whats an olympics without its athletes? We made some sweet good2grow olympic medals to award to your favorite good2grow characters. We cant wait to see who you think won the gold! Download and print your good2grow bottle medals here.

Lets Eat!

Show some patriotism with star shaped sandwiches made perfect for little hands, and topped off with an American flag.

Everyone is a winner with these gold medal fruit cakes. We chose strawberries but you can add any of your favorite fruits for this tasty dessert.

Lastly, you cant have a party without their favorite good2grow. Our reusable bottle and top means they can take them with them even after the party.

Let the games begin and have a good time with this fun and easy party! Be sure to tag us on instagram with your party creations featuring good2grow!