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Rainbow Themed Kids Lunch Idea

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A colorful lunch is a perfect recipe for a bright day! @artinlunchbox put her paws together to craft the cutest healthy rainbow themed kids’ lunch featuring our latest Nickelodeon “Blues Clues and You” top, Rainbow Dog. See how you can craft this cute lunch for your kids below!



bread loaf




assorted colorful carrots

colorful peppers



green grapes

mandarin oranges





dog paw cookie cutter

bento lunch box


Start by cutting up your veggies in long strings to make a rainbow to cover the bottom of your bento box. Next, make stacks of blueberries, and cut your grapes in half.

Now it is time to build your sandwich. Start by flattening your bread with a rolling pin.

Using your paw print cutter, make your shape on the bread and poke out each piece.

Repeat this step with your cheese and meats.

Time to construct your pawsome sandwich! Add your meat, cheese, and mayo or any filler you littles love.

Next, add your favorite salty snack and ranch dip for the veggies. Popcorn is perfect for little fingers!

Finally pair with the perfect good2grow juice. We think Rainbow Dog was pawfect!

We can’t wait to see your creations, be sure to tag us on Instagram.