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Road Trip Snack Hack

Staying at home is out and travel is in! So that means on-the-go snacks and treats like good2grow are must-haves. And since we are all about that less-mess life, this tackle box snack hack (like us) is a win for both parents and kids. Not only do they LOVE all the choices, they get to personalize it and make it their own.

Start by grabbing any sized fishing tackle box with customizable compartments. Being able to have different sized compartments will let you choose snacks of all sizes and give more variety. We like to make it mostly healthy, with a few sweet treats thrown in for fun. It is vacation, after all! Plus, kids love choices and it keeps them occupied which, as you know, makes for a more peaceful ride.

He’s so proud of his box!

Once they have all of their goodies, let them personalize the box with with their name and stickers! That’s a big clue for their brother or sister to keep out. Letting each child have their own box (hopefully) means fewer backseat fights and puts them in control of how long their snacks last.

Paired with good2grow’s spill-proof spouts, cleaner backseats and happier kids are tackled for your family adventures! Be sure to tag us on Instagram with your personalized snack boxes and don’t forget our hashtag #onthegowithgood2grow