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Spider-Man and Friends Lunch Ideas

Are your Spidey Senses tingling, or is that your stomach growling? These Marvel-ous lunches by LunchBox Dad will inspire both in your mini-marvels! He’s styled 3 different easy-to-make versions to make you lunch slinging master in minutes. Pair with our Marvel Collector’s Pack from Amazon for the coolest meal in the Spider-verse!

1. Spider-Man Lunch


2 Slices of Whole Wheat bread
Nut-free Spread
Nori (Seaweed)
Sliced White Cheese
Black Olives
Cream Cheese
Dried Cranberries
Babybel Cheese


1. Make a jam sandwich with whole wheat bread. Make sure to put the nut-free spread on top of the sandwich. Slice strawberries into the shapes shown to make Spider-Man’s face. The spread on top of the sandwich will hold them in place.

2. Cut white cheese and nori into eye shapes and place them on top of Spider-Man’s head. Put the Spidey sandwich into the main compartment of the lunchbox.

3. Drop dried cranberries into the side compartment. Draw spiderweb on Babybel cheese using a marker. Place that on top of cranberries.

4. Cut black olive in half and then slice up another olive to make eight legs. Spread cream cheese on your child’s favorite cracker and arrange spider pieces on top. Stack more crackers inside the compartment and top with a spider cracker.

2. Ghost Spider Lunch


Sliced White Bread (for mask)
Sandwich filling (you choose!)
Pink and White Fondant for Eyes
Tortilla and Strawberry Cream Cheese for Hood
Yogurt covered raisins
Pink Gummy Candy and White Fondant Spider (need spider fondant mold)


1. Make white fondant and pink fondant. Shape into eyes. and place on bread. Color some cream cheese pink with food coloring as well. Set aside.

2. Cut head shape out around the eyes and set aside.

3. Cut our tortilla to shape the back of the hood and spread cream cheese on top. Place head shape with eyes and cut a tortilla strip to form the hood. Fill in the extra space with blackberries.

4. Use a spider fondant mold and press a spider. Add yogurt covered raisins to a compartment and put the pink gummy candy and spider on top.

5. In the last compartment, use a silicone cupcake holder and fill with sliced mushrooms.

Miles Morales Lunch


Almond Butter
Whole Wheat Bread
Red Napkin
Grape Tomatoes
Red and White Fondant
Cheese Round Covered in Red Wax
Red Sweet Peppers
Black Spider Decoration


1.Spider-Man Miles Morales’ head is basically an open-face sandwich. However, instead of jam I used blackberries. Spread on the almond butter to keep the berries in place. Place in main compartment on a red napkin which forms the red hoodie. Surround with grape tomatoes, raspberries, or any other red fruit or veggie. Top with a very small amount of red and white fondant for the eyes.

2. Cut wax off the back of the cheese round and create Miles’ Spider-Man logo with it. Place on top of nori and on top of the cheese. Put in side compartment on top of dried cranberries or raisins.

3. In second side compartment place red vegetables like sweet peppers and top with a spider decoration.

We’d love to see the lunches your sling! Tag us on Instagram and share your creations! Shop now for our Marvel Collector Packs on Amazon and check out more fun character themed food at!

Beau Coffron is a dad who was inspired to create special lunches every Monday for his kids, while they are in school. Many of these lunches are fashioned after characters from Disney Princesses, to Star Wars and more. From this project his blog, Lunchbox Dad, was born. The blog and his social media went viral and expanded to national appearances on T.V. shows such as Good Morning America. Beau has been prominently featured in People Magazine and trended on websites such as Buzzfeed, The Huffington Post, Bored Panda, Yahoo, E! Online, and Martha Stewart.