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spouts Cup Catcher

We don’t know about you, but our kids get so engaged with a simple cup and ball catcher. Now you can upcycle their good2grow spouts to make this fun game at home for craft time and playtime all-in-one! This also makes a great party craft!


3 oz. white cup


glue gun



good2grow tops

small bouncy ball

How to make:

  1. Start by letting them color their cup with different patterns and designs. Markers are great for this and don’t need to dry so you can get to the fun part faster!

2. Attach the string to the bottom of the cup. Parents should help with the hot glue.

3. Next an adult should apply glue to the of the lid to secure the cup.

3. Apply pressure to the cup and top, allowing it to dry.

4. Next, attach the ball to the string by applying hot glue.

5. Once the glue dries, it’s playtime! How many tries will it take them to get the ball in the cup?!

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