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spouts Easter Bunny Craft

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Easter is the perfect time to hop into craft projects with your kids. With good2grow, you can upcycle the bottle and top into a funny character bunny! All you need are a few supplies to transform their favorite characters into cute easter themed decor. 


2oz Satin Acrylic Paint – Mondo Llama™

Blue and white gingham ribbon

cupcake topper bunny ears

white pom pom balls

mini carrots

hot glue gun



Start by washing your bottle and removing the label. You will then add 3 coats of white paint.
We LOVE Target’s Mondo Llama paint for painting our bottles.

Next, you’ll want to glue your ribbon around the bottom of the cap. This is a parent step if using a hot glue gun. Glue dots could work great for this as well.

After the ribbon is attached, place a small dot of glue in the back of the bottom and attach a cotton ball to make a cute little bunny tail.

Then, using white paper, cut 2 small arms for the bunny to hold the carrot and glue to the sides of the bottle.

To add the carrot, place glue in between the two arms and press into place.

We found these cute cupcake toppers for ears, but you can cut construction paper, felt or foam to easily make your own ears. You’ll need to glue or tape your ears to the top.

Your bunnies are now ready for the bunny trail. Be sure to share your creations with us!