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spouts Snow Globe

Why not shake things up a bit and turn your extra spouts into glitter-iffic snow globes?! We thought Disney Frozen’s Olaf was the perfect fit. Do you wanna build one, too?


jar with snug lid

good2grow character top




hot glue gun

ribbon or washi tape

water bottle cap or similar


Let’s get started!
The first step is attach the good2grow top your child picked out to a similar size platform. We want to raise the character up in the snow globe and provide a flat base for gluing to the jar. Look for water bottle caps, pill bottle lids, or anything that will fit on the underside of the cap.

Once you have the you’ll want to hot glue the lip side of the cap underneath the top to make a base.

Next, hot glue the base you added with the character top to the inside of the top of the jar.

While the glue sets, fill the jar with water, almost to the top leaving some room for glitter and glycerin.

Start adding the glitter, be sure to use smaller more fine glitter so it does not stick together once in the water. Lighter, fine glitter works best.

Next, add glycerin. This will help the glitter float down slower than it does in the regular water.

Screw on the lid for your snow globe and add some colorful or glittery ribbon around the lid to complete the snow globe.

Finally, give it a shake and watch it snow!

We’d love to see your creations, be sure to tag us on Instagram!