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Topper Display Idea

Got a good2grow spout top collection taking over your space? We feel you. If you’re anything like us, your collection of good2grow spout tops are in every nook and cranny in your house – from drawers and bins to buckets and cabinets.

Luckily, our creative BFF, Whimsically Wonderful has crafted a solution! She made a cute and stylish display for her kid’s favorites to get them out of the baskets, and you can, too. Just grab some paint and supplies online, follow the steps below, and showcase those spouts. Tag us on Instagram with your results!

Her family had been collecting good2grow tops since 2014, and her son was so excited that he was going to get a display for his favorite spouts.


wooden box with compartments

wooden letters

good2grow tops

paint brushes


hot glue gun

Her first step was to find a structure that would fit the collection.

She was thrilled to discover the perfect wooden box with compartments from Amazon.

Next, she painted it. 

Using his favorite color, blue, she brush-painted the box and hot-glued wooden letters to spell “TOPS,” making it extra cool!

Finally, it was time to add the collection.
After it dried, her son added all his favorite toppers, like PAW Patrol and Trolls to the display and it was the perfect addition to his room.


We can’t wait to see your topper display, be sure to tag us on instagram!