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Warm Lunch Idea for Kids

Looking for a warm school lunch for your littles on a chilly day? Supermom of 3 aced it with a lunch-box-friendly grilled cheese and soup combo, then added their favorite character on good2grow for even more reasons to smile!

See how she cooked and crafted this tasty school lunch below.






Cheddar Crackers

good2grow juice

tomato soup


Have you seen the OmieBox? It wins with these lunches, allowing for a larger variety of food with spot for warm and cold options. A helpful tip before you get started is to fill the thermos compartment with boiling or warm water to keep it warm while you cook.

Sheena began by making grilled cheese roll-ups to pair with the soup-a kid comfort food and staple. Cutting off the bread crust is important on these, and using a rolling pin over the bread to get it flatter also helps perfect the pieces.

After your bread is prepped, just add the cheese slice and make a roll with the bread.

Next, add butter to your pan and cook the rolls until they are brown and crispy.

Finally, they are ready to be the perfect pair for the tomato soup. She chose a brand with bunny and carrot-shaped pasta, which we support because, of course, we love anything that makes it more fun and more cute.

Fill the heated soup into the stainless steel thermos, add more fun finger food snacks, good2grow, and voila- a comfort-filled school lunch they’ll ask for again!


Sheena,, is a mom of 3 who loves to provide motherhood and lifestyle content celebrating the small moments and BIG memories with her family.