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Disney Frozen (frozen) Yogurt Pops

Give your littles a summer kids treat they’ll love when you make frozen yogurt pops, upcycled from their favorite good2grow character spouts! We thought the Disney Frozen characters were the perfect fit for this healthy snack idea. But with 100’s of characters to pick from…it’s just as fun to let them pick their own!


good2grow spouts

3oz Paper Cups

Plastic Straws


Glue Gun

Fresh Blueberries

Frozen Raspberries

Vanilla Yogurt


Cut plastic straws into 4.5-inch pieces and hot glue them into the spout stem of the top to make the pop holder. Make sure you glue only the tip and wipe off any excess glue that gets on the lid. Do not push the straw too far in, you do not want it to dislodge the valve.

Start by measuring out 1 cup of vanilla yogurt in a mixing bowl and add your fresh blueberries.

Give your yogurt pops some color and add some frozen raspberries to your mix.

Fill your 3oz cup with the yogurt almost to the top.

Put the spouts in the cup so the straw goes into the yogurt and place on a plate or tray then put in the freezer. Freeze overnight.

Its time to enjoy your creamy frozen pop, be sure to eat them quickly because they melt faster than normal popsicles.

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