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Collectors Club App Rewards Center Questions

How do I access the Rewards Center? 

  • The good2grow Collectors App Reward Center is located in the parent portal of the App. When first opening the app, follow the below steps: 
    • Login to the good2grow Collector’s App 
    • From the main menu, navigate to the “Collection” Page 
    • On the bottom of the screen, there will be 4 different navigation tabs: click “REWARDS” then “REWARD CENTER” 
    • Enter parent (user account) password to continue 

How do I view how many coins I have earned? 

  • A user’s total number of coins earned are located on the main page of the Reward Center in a blue box under the user’s current level. 

How do I view what level I am at? 

  • A user’s current level is located in yellow text at the top of the Reward Center main page. A user will fall under one of the following levels depending on the amount of coins earned: 
    • Rookie 
    • Collector
    • Star 
    • Pro
    • Elite

How do I access my earned rewards? 

  • Rewards are located under the “My Rewards” tab on the main page of the Reward Center. Any rewards a user has not unlocked will be denoted as “LOCKED” 

How do I view all the possible rewards there are to earn? 

  • Navigate to the main page of the Rewards Center. Navigate to the button titled “Levels”. Click through the different icons to view all the prizes available at each level. 

How do I earn coins? 

  • A user can earn coins through different actions taken within the App. A user can view what each action is worth under the button titled “Earn Coins”. Some actions can only earn a user coins once and others can be repeated, but are limited based on the level a user has achieved within the program. Coins will accumulate at the parent account (from all child accounts), so all child accounts will show the same (shared) earned level and number of coins. Any action limits/restrictions will be based on the parent account (actions across all child accounts).

Why am I no longer earning points for actions taken within the app? 

  • Some actions are limited within each level. Try other actions within the app to reach the next level and earn more opportunities to earn points. 

I reached the Elite level, but have not received my new tops. 

  • New tops will start shipping July 2022 

I reached the Elite level, but have not received my yearly gift. 

  • Yearly gifts will be sent at the end of the year, so be sure to maintain Elite status through December 31, 2022. You can expect gifts to start shipping January 2023.

My scanner isn’t working, how do I earn coins? 

  • Please reach out to our support team at with the following account information so that we can troubleshoot your issues: 
    • Parent Name 
    • Parent Email
    • Device type (i.e. Apple iPhone 12, Galaxy Note 10, etc.) 
    • Device Program (i.e. iOS 15, Android 12.0, etc.) 
  • *Please allow 1-2 business days for a response.

I already follow you on Instagram, Facebook and/or Pinterest, how do I earn coins for this? 

  • Navigate to the main page of the Reward Center. Click the button titled, “Earn Coins”. Click the drop-down arrow for “Reward 10 coins” and select the accounts that you follow. This will confirm user account info and reward points to the user’s account. Note, points are limited depending on the level the user is on are on.

Can I lose coins? 

  • If a user does not earn 10 coins in the preceding 6 months, they will have the following coins taken away:
    • 10 if currently at Star level
    • 20 if currently at Pro Level
    • 30 if currently at Master Level
  • If the user’s total number of coins brings them down to a different level, the new level will be reflected in the user’s account but no earned rewards will be removed. 

I have multiple children; can I earn points for each of their collections? 

  • If a user has multiple child accounts under one parent account, coins will accumulate at the parent account level. 

I’m already a member, what level will I start at in the new Rewards Center? 

  • Because this is new, the user will not lose their current status, but will instead be grandfathered into the new program at the following levels: 
    • user will start as Rookie in the new Rewards Center + 5 coins 
    • user will start as Collector in the new Rewards Center + 15 coins
    • user will start as Star in the new Rewards Center + 40 coins 

Are some prizes sweepstakes? 

  • Yes, some Collector Levels include sweepstakes and are not guaranteed. For full Terms and Conditions, please visit link below. 

Please reach out to for any further questions. 

Privacy Policy:

Terms and Conditions: CLICK HERE

Sweepstakes Official Rules: CLICK HERE