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good2grow Bottle Racers

On your mark, get set, craft! Upcycle your good2grow bottles and tops into these super-cool race cars. It’s even more fun when their favorite characters dart to the finish on this Custom Bottle Racers Track built for speed!


good2grow bottles


toy wheels (4) and axel (2)

orange tissue paper

silver pipe cleaner

hot glue gun

scissors or exacto knife


In a well-ventilated area, parents fully cover the bottles with spray paint or let children brush on acrylic paint. Add designs or stickers for extra style and customization.

Wrap the pipe cleaners around the rim. Parents help attach with hot glue.

Parents, using a exacto knife or scissors make two small hole on both sides of the bottle to run the axel and tires through.

Attach the orange tissue paper to the open end of the bottle. Parents can help attach with hot glue.

Let them pick their favorite good2grow character spouts to ride on the car. Parents can help attach the with hot glue.

Now its time to race! Find out how we made our Custom Bottle Racer Track here!

We’d love to see your bottle racer creations. Tag us on Instagram and share their rides.