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good2grow Bottle Racing Track

Every car needs a place to race! Pair this sweet DIY track with our good2grow Bottle Racers and cross the finish with fun!


Black foam core

White square trim dowels (3)

Small round wooden dowels

Black and white checkered paper

Grass patterned paper

Small race flags

Adhesive letters

Yellow and black paint

Painters tape

Red foam core

Spray adhesive

Hot glue gun


Use a dowel, painters tape, and black paint to make the center lane.

First cut equally long strips of tape from your roll of painters tape. Tape shall be at least the width of the dowel for proper coverage.

Place equal length tape strips along the length of the dowel leaving an equal amount of open space between each tape strip. Wrap any access tape along the sides of the dowel.

Using black paint, paint the black lines down the dowel to create the center lane.

Once the paint has drie, remove the painters tape from the center lane dowel.

Next, take the two remaining dowels and yellow paint to create the two outside curbs for each lane. These will keep the bottle racers from going off the side of the track.

Splice together multiple pieces of black foam core to create your desired length of track. Parents please assist in assembly of the track.

In a well ventilated area, use spray adhesive to attach the checkered and grass to the board.

With the assistance of parents, use the hot glue gun to attach the two yellow dowels along the sides of the track and place the black and white dowel along the center of the board.

Along one end of the track create the start line using the adhesive letters and red foam core. Once the start sign is completed, use four small round dowels to hold the start sign upright.

On the other end of the board use the remaining adhesive letters to create your finish line.

Give your track some flair by adding the pendant flags to the start and finish line and then you are ready to race!

Finally, grab your good2grow bottle racers and GO! We’d love to see the tracks and cars you create! Tag us on Instagram and share your creations!