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good2grow Santa PODZ Ornament

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Deck the halls with Santa PODZ when you craft with your kiddos to transform it into a festive holiday ornament. This idea is great for any PODZ top they love, but we ho ho hope you are lucky enough to score Santa to make the keepsake even more magical.

Let them pick out the ribbon and adornments; then, with a little help from you, they’ll get to display their creation to be enjoyed year after year. See how we made ours below.


Santa PODZ


Small ornaments Snowflake stickers

Glue gun



1. Let the kids pick out the ribbon they’d like and cut and glue the ribbon to the base of the Santa PODZ Gluing is the parent-only part of the craft.

2. Next, the kids can jump back in. Have them weave more ribbon through the hole in the top of the PODZ to make the hanging loop.

3. Next, add some festive small ornaments and snowflake stickers to make it merrier.

Now it’s ready to hang!
Enjoy having Santa on your tree, and please share your ornament creations with us.

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