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good2grow spouts Coat Rack

Looking for a pawsome way to get kids to hang up their coats and make morning routines fun? Assign them a pup on an adorable DIY coat rack, made from good2grow spouts featuring PAW Patrol! This craft is all about the kid’s eye view; they’ll love looking up and finding their favorite character looking back at them.

Making this rack is a cinch! All you need are some basic supplies and good2grow spouts. PAW Patrol is fun, but you can also let them pick their own. Theme it to Disney’s Mickey Mouse, Disney’s Princess, Marvel Heroes or a mix for siblings. With all of our fun characters, good2grow has you covered. We used 6 tops, but you can shorten it based on your space. We hope you have fun delighting your littles with this home decor craft.

See how we did it:


wooden post (pick the size based on number of tops(hooks) you will be using


good2grow character tops

hot glue gun

caps from beverage bottles (that will fit into the underside of the good2grow lid)


1. Decide which good2grow spout you and your kids want to use for the rack

2. Next, paint the piece of wood with your kids favorite color or one that suits your space.

3. Once the paint dries, glue a beverage bottle cap into the bottom of the spout. We used a cap from a popular flavored water brand, but use any cap that lays flat with the bottom of the top and also fits inside the good2grow lid.

4. Now it is time to attach the characters. Set the tops on the board at the desired spacing and mark with a pencil so you know where to attach them. We left 3 inches in between each character top.

5. Next, hot glue the characters to the rack by adding glue to the rack or the bottom of the cap and attach at points you marked. Make sure the characters are looking down so your littles can see their faces.

5. Finally. it is ready to hang! There are many methods you can use like command strips, saw tooth and d-ring picture hangers. Choose what’s best for your wall.

Have your littles pick their character and hang their jackets! Don’t forget to share your creations on Instagram and tag us.

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