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Mickey and Friends Lunch Ideas

Does Mickey Mouse give your family all the good feels like ours? Seriously, give us ANYTHING Disney and we are ready with mouse ears! That means these Mickey and Friends themed bento box lunches by Lunchbox Dad with good2grow are guaranteed to send smiles through the Clubhouse!

We love that he styled Mickey Mouse, Minne Mouse, and Donald Duck versions. That means we don’t have to repeat plus we can give each kid their choice. See how he made these kids lunch ideas below!

Mickey Mouse and Minnie Mouse Lunches


Red apple

Dark wheat bread



Dried mango

Provolone cheese


Grape tomatoes

Babybel cheese

Yogurt covered raisins

Black olives


1. Cut red apple in half and slice off bottom to form a half circle. Dip cut parts in lemon or lime juice to prevent browning. For Mickey ears, cut ovals from dried mango and stick on apple. Use a little honey if you are having problems getting them to stay on. For Minnie ears, cut small circles from provolone cheese and stick on apple.

2. Cut four circles out of dark wheat bread. Place sandwich meat in the middle. Arrange apple head and sandwich ears in main compartment of lunch box. Attach strip of wheat bread to the bottom using honey or toothpicks. For Minnie ears, cut a strawberry in half and also cut the end of a different strawberry. Place on top of head for a bow as shown. Surround ears with blueberries.

3. Drop yogurt covered raisins in side compartment. Cut two circles out of the back of a Babybel cheese round. Flip over and stick circles on top to make mouse ears. Place this on yogurt covered raisins.

4. In second side compartment, place grape tomatoes. Slice the ends off of olives and and position them by whole olive to look like mouse ears. Place on top of tomatoes.

Donald Duck Lunch

Ingredients and Directions: 

Donald Duck Face Sandwich: Whole wheat bread, flour tortilla, salami and pepperoni (for the tongue and inside of the sandwich), white cheese, cheddar cheese, black olives, grapes, blueberries, nori (roasted seaweed) for his hat.

Donald’s Shirt: Yogurt with blue food coloring, two strawberries cut into the shape of a bowtie, white round sprinkles.

Footprint: Grape tomatoes, cheddar cheese cut into the shape of Donald’s foot.

We hope your add joy to you little Mousketeer’s meals with these super-cute Disney lunches! Shop now for our Mickey and Friends Collector Packs on Amazon and check out more fun character themed food at!

Beau Coffron is a dad who was inspired to create special lunches every Monday for his kids, while they are in school. Many of these lunches are fashioned after characters from Disney Princesses, to Star Wars and more. From this project his blog, Lunchbox Dad, was born. The blog and his social media went viral and expanded to national appearances on T.V. shows such as Good Morning America. Beau has been prominently featured in People Magazine and trended on websites such as Buzzfeed, The Huffington Post, Bored Panda, Yahoo, E! Online, and Martha Stewart.

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