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PAW Patrol Lunch Idea

When it comes to PAWSOME lunches, @lunchboxdad is king! We challenged him to make a PAW Patrol version to go with our PAW Patrol character pack, available on Amazon, and he delivered! 



White Cheddar Cheese

Yellow Cheddar Cheese





Seaweed Snack strips (for spots)

How to make:

1. Cut the white cheddar into 4 shapes: 2 ears, face, snout
2. Cut the apple for the hat. Use 3 slices for the top and 2 half-inch strips and a small piece in the middle for the brim.
3. Place white cheddar on top of 2 slices of bread with the crusts already cut off with the turkey in the middle and cut off excess bread to share to the face.
4. Cut more white cheddar shapes for each eye and the teeth. Scissors work great!
5. Add the hat to the top of the head with strips of yellow cheddar and cut a shape out of great for the badge. (Don’t worry about making it perfect!)
6. Cut the spots, eye shapes, and mouth of the seaweed with scissors and place on the cheese.
7. Add a Blackberry for the nose and make a tongue out of pepperoni if you’d like.
8. Cut baby carrots into bones and, if you have a paw-shaped food cutter, punch the shape from the cheddar cheese and add to the side.

We think this Marshall sandwich is the cutest!! Make it for your littles and tag @good2growdrinks and @lunchboxdad on Instagram so we can see your masterpiece!

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